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A fireplace is a very attractive feature in any room. However, most fireplaces send more heat up the chimney than into the home. A typical fireplace can draw 400 cubic feet of oxygen out of the home, causing significant heat loss throughout the home. If the damper is open or not well-sealed when closed, heated air from the room will be drawn up the chimney, making the house cold and significantly increasing your fuel bill.

Belvedere Home Improvements Ltd. offers reliable fireplace maintenance services in East York. Our knowledgeable staff can help you share the warmth while keeping your chimney clean and preventing soot and other forms of debris from entering your home.


When burning wood, such as soft wood or pine, it is important to have your chimney cleaned out regularly due to creosote buildup, which could result in a chimney fire.


A fireplace can add hundreds of dollars to your heating bill even when you are not using it. If the damper is open or not well-sealed when closed, heated air from the room will be drawn up the chimney and you’ll never realize why the house is so cold or the fuel bills are so high.

Fireplace and chimney design


Fireplaces and all combustion appliances, such as gas and oil furnaces and gas water heaters, require fresh air for effective burning. Because today’s homes are often tightly sealed for energy efficiency, you may not achieve complete combustion or the chimney may not effectively draw the smoke and gases away. That means dangerous carbon monoxide can be produced and enter the house, with potentially lethal results.

Smoke stains on the front of the fireplace are one clue that such a problem may exist. A faulty flue, deteriorated chimney, or a chimney without protective devices to keep birds, squirrels and even raccoons from blocking the airflow is also a source of trouble, ranging from annoyance to disaster.

A chimney in need of repair is a danger to people and property below and is a safety hazard to residents. Lethal gases and fires can occur if a chimney is no longer doing its job of drawing fresh air across the fireplace or venting furnace gases.

If your chimney requires replacement or repair, Belvedere is fully equipped to assist you. Our reliable chimney services in East York come with a 10-year guarantee and prevent unwanted soot, debris and allergens from entering your home.

Fireplace and chimney design


Our chimney services always begin by protecting the roof and eaves around the chimney and the property below. Then we mask the fireplace opening with plastic to keep dirt and debris from entering the house. We inspect existing oil and gas liners for leaks or deterioration or install liners as required.

We then add a precast concrete collar with flue tiles on top and add pest screens where needed. After that, we seal all flashing and clean up outside and inside, including cleaning behind the fireplace damper and the basement furnace cleanout. Most deteriorated chimneys require rebuilding, although in some cases repairs are possible.

Belvedere has experience with simple one-flue chimneys or the most elaborate designs, such as this Rosedale structure in the photo above. Precast concrete collars will prevent moisture from entering the chimney, while pest screens will keep raccoons, squirrels and birds from causing a blockage.


According to The National Fire Code of Canada – Section, “Every Chimney, Flue and Flue Pipe shall be inspected to identify any dangerous condition annually, at the time of addition of any appliance, and after any chimney fire.”


Fortunately, there are solutions that mean you can enjoy your fireplace in comfort and security, and the Belvedere team is fully equipped to assist you with them. The simplest step is to correct any deficiencies in the chimney. It is also important to ensure that there is a separate flue for each appliance that produces exhaust, such as the furnace and each fireplace in the house.

Tuckpointing the chimney and installing a proper cap will prevent bricks, mortar and animals from falling into the flue. This will ensuring that the damper closes properly and installing glass doors will help prevent heat loss when the fireplace is not being used. By adding a supplemental air intake for combustion air can improve burning efficiency and prevent problems in air-tight homes.


If you’re looking for fireplace maintenance services in East York, let the Belvedere team come to your aid. For more information, please give us a call today, or request an estimate online.

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