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Details are everything when improving your home. Not only do they help to cultivate a welcoming atmosphere, they also enhance the property’s aesthetics. Doors, windows and skylights are all important details, and the Belvedere Home Improvements Ltd. team can help you open up to a beautiful home with our array of window, skylight and door services in East York.

green front door


The traditional look of a solid wood door adds charm and warmth to the appearance of any home. Your front door is the focus of your entire home and is what passersby notice and visitors approach. You can make your home more appealing just by upgrading your door and keeping it in top shape.

Because we work with the manufacturers of the best quality doors and hardware, you have a wide selection to choose from. Our door services protect your home inside and out during the installation of your door. We replace the framework and sill as required, and all work is performed by Belvedere’s staff of expert carpenters.

We can improve the quality of your entrance by upgrading your sill from wood to stone or marble or any material of your choice. Brass kickplates, shutters, wood molding or a stone header, as shown on the home above, can make a big difference. Whether it’s a new front door that you need, or converting an old window to a new French door, we can help you make the right decision.

Fixed sidelights on both sides of the insulated steel door above brighten the interior and make for a more prominent entrance.

This baked enamel aluminum storm door shows the beauty of the insulated steel door with its lead glass panes.


Windows improve your home’s look while conserving energy. At Belvedere, we deal with a variety of high-quality window manufacturers. This allows us to offer you a wide choice of window cladding materials, including wood, aluminum or vinyl.

We protect your premises inside and out during the removal of your old windows and the installation of your new ones. Installation is performed by our experienced master carpenters, so that the windows fit and operate perfectly. While on the job, our team maintains a daily clean up and removes all debris.


Casement windows

In the photo above, the existing windows on this home were replaced with a mixture of casement and fixed Pella windows with energy-saving insulated glass.

Window construction

We installed Pella double-hung windows with muntin bars and insulated glass on this home, which is easily maintained.

Front door window

This beautiful entry hall was lightened with the installation of a stunning window above the door.

House under construction

For this home, we built a new covered entrance, and replaced the front bay windows. We used Pella double pane windows to increase the energy conservation for the home owner. Safety comes first for our staff and our customers; as you can see, this site is completely safe and secure. All debris will be removed from the work site before, during, and after the work is complete.

Window construction

Here is a look at the interior of the same home. Note that the windows and surrounding walls are properly insulated prior to the window installation. We only use the highest quality materials for all of our renovations.


As a complement to our window and door services, Belvedere also installs skylights. We offer the two basic types of skylights: curb-mounted or frame-in-place.

A curb-mounted skylight is raised above the plane of the roof; it either sets on a wood frame curb or the curb is an integral part of the unit. A frame-in-place skylight is installed flush with the plane of the structure, much like a vertical window. It is held in place with L-shaped brackets.

We offer a wide variety of ceiling fixture alternatives in many shapes, styles and sizes. The shapes include square, rectangle, or octagonal. Our team can install a skylight anywhere in your house, from the smallest powder room to the largest recreational area.

Skylights make a great addition to any home, and offer great value for the money. Our customers enjoy the free natural lighting year after year.


Our window, skylight and door services in East York enhance your home’s look while giving it a more welcoming feel for your family and guests. Contact us today for additional information and a free estimate.

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