Belvedere is Your Driving Force for Driveway Maintenance in East York

With a wide range of attractive paving products to choose from today, your driveway can become a major feature of your home, admired by neighbours and passersby. If you’re considering an upgrade for your driveway, let Belvedere Home Improvements Ltd. assist you. We offer professional walkway, patio and driveway maintenance services in East York.


Driveway Maintenance Explained

We begin by removing the existing driveway and disposing of the debris. We machine excavate to a depth of one foot and then install 12’’ of gravel and limestone. This material is compressed using power tampers to compact the base. We then install the borders and interlocking pavers, laying them precisely to give the perfect appearance.

The pavers are then covered with sand, which is swept into all the joints. We are careful to protect your surrounding landscape. Finally, we remove all excess fill and debris. A traditional easy-to-maintain asphalt driveway is durable, practical and reasonable in cost.

Past Projects

Stamped concrete pavers make a long-lasting and attractive driveway surface that resembles stone or a variety of other materials. For this driveway maintenance project, we used the latest Unilock paving stones; in this case Brussell Block tumbled pavers. The driveway matches the existing stonework at the front of the home.

In this example, the existing driveway with interlocking paving stones settled over the years because the base was not properly prepared. To prepare for this new South Leaside driveway, we installed a 12’’ gravel and limestone base and compressed it using a power compactor to provide stability.

Interlock Samples

Below are a few samples of the interlocking bricks we can install on your driveway.

Leading You Down the Path a Beautiful Walkway

Just like our driveways, our walkways are also produced using Unilock paving stones. Walkways are among the first things people encounter when they visit your house, so it’s important to ensure that your walkway looks its best.

Stamped Concrete and Stones

Stamped concrete walkways and entrances make a long-lasting and attractive walkway surface that resembles stone or a variety of other materials. Mixing stones of different shapes takes more time during installation, but it can yield a distinctive walkway and increase the value of your home.

Walkway Installation

Our team can design and build any style of walkway to meet your needs and complement your home. We provide a guarantee on labour and materials. We always install a 12’’ gravel and limestone base and compress it using a power compactor to provide stability and a level surface for the interlocking bricks to settle properly.

Past Projects

interlock path with a garden

A common trend these days to any landscape is to be unique. For this project, our client chose to trim the edges of the interlocked walkway with stunning greenery, colourful flowers, and shrubs. It’s a natural way to soften up the overall appearance.

laying interlocking

In this particular project we installed a beautiful interlock walkway, patio and seating area. We gave the outer walkway edge a two-foot increase by installing a retaining wall around its perimeter. The walkway starts at the front of the house, continues around the side, and up to the backdoor entrance.

Improving Outdoor Living

To complement our walkway and driveway maintenance services, Belvedere can also create beautiful custom patios for your home. Outdoor living is both trendy and practical right now, and being able to utilize the outdoors adds to our quality of life.

Design trends are finally catching up with demand, giving us a multitude of choices for outdoor living. Everything from living room furniture made for the outdoors, moveable umbrellas, shade sails, decorative lighting, to heating choices all allow us to take advantage of the outdoors.

Create a Garden Oasis

Our staff can design and build any style of patio to meet your needs and complement your home. We provide a guarantee on labour and materials. A garden oasis is easily created using the latest styles combined with traditional materials.

Belvedere brings new meaning to outdoor living, with an endless selection of top quality materials, professional installations, and a warranty for all jobs. Having an outdoor patio around the house can also be an essential part of the home, as concrete driveways and patio paths can give your home a more attractive and cleaner look.

Driven to Serve You

Belvedere is dedicated to providing you with custom driveways, walkways and patios that combine elements of functionality and design. If a refurbishing project is on your horizon, contact us today for additional information about our patio, walkway and driveway maintenance services in East York.