Belvedere’s Flooring Services in East York Provide the Ultimate Finish to Any Room

At Belevedere Home Renovations Ltd., our goal is to help you get more out of your floors. Our staff can provide you with reliable flooring services in East York and throughout the Toronto area. We offer both hardwood and tile flooring options for your convenience.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring adds durability as well as elegance to any room in your house. Even in the event of high wear and tear, your hardwood flooring can usually be repaired or refinished. Wood flooring is one of the original floor materials, and remains as a popular choice. Hardwood flooring is considered a long-term purchase and once installed, rarely ever gets replaced or changed.

Tile Flooring

Easy-to-clean ceramic tile will look great and will stand up to the constant traffic in this busy kitchen. During the process of installation it is essential that the surface is kept absolutely clean at all times else the quality of the setting be diminished.

Ceramic tile is fashion-conscious, offering a large assortment of coordinating floor and wall tile looks, vibrant colours and application choices.

ceramic tile

Flooring Installation Explained

Our craftsmen can help you install all types of flooring materials. We begin by sealing off the construction area from the rest of the house to confine any dust and debris.

Using appropriate adhesives, we then lay out your choice of tiles according to your pattern and finish by applying grout that will blend with new floors colour.

Finally, we wash down the new floor, clean up and remove all debris from your home. The existing flooring is normally removed and a new plywood subfloor is installed.

Electric floor heating

Electric Floor Heating

As a complement to our flooring services in East York, we also install floor heating systems. Our specialties include electrical and radiant floor heating.

When installing an electric floor heating system, we use a system similar to the one in the above photo. This system features electrical wiring in place of the plastic tubes and a separate thermostat for seasonal weather changes.

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating is a method of heating your home by applying heat underneath or within the floor. Hydronic radiant floor heating is a system of plastic or metal tubes or pipes laid within a floor that carries hot water into specific areas or zones, dispersing the heat through the floor surface.


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