Belvedere Provides Reliable Tuckpointing Services in East York

Drafts, moisture and insects sometimes find their way into your home through the tiniest of cracks and holes. Belvedere’s tuckpointing services in East York fill in the gaps for you to keep what belongs outside at bay.

When we perform our tuckpointing services on your house, our staff carefully chisels out all cracked, broken and deteriorated mortar joints to a minimum of ½’’, or until sound mortar is reached. We do this carefully so as not to damage the surrounding brick.

We then brush the area clean of dust and debris and thoroughly rinse the walls prior to tuckpointing. We mix our mortar to match the composition of the original as closely as possible, and we finish the joints to match the surrounding masonry. While at work, we maintain a daily cleanup and remove all debris.

Deteriorated brickwork weakens the structure and allows drafts, moisture and insects to invade your home. In the photo below is a restored wall, tuckpointed line for line and brick for brick by Belvedere’s masonry team. All of our tuckpointing services are backed by a 10-year guarantee.

Seal Your Brickwork Today

If you need help filling in the gaps in your brickwork, contact us today for additional information about our tuckpointing services in East York. We provide free estimates for all jobs.