Your Source for Masonry Porches and Stonework in East York

Masonry porches and stonework installation not only put a fresh face on your home’s exterior; they also add functionality. At Belvedere Home Improvements Ltd., we craft custom masonry porches and perform stonework projects in East York and throughout Toronto.

Enhance your Entrance with a Masonry Porch

A new porch can give your home a facelift. Our team can assist you with complete porch rebuilds or just refurbishing the steps, railings or supports. We also rebuild and modernize verandas and provide a 5-year warranty.

We begin the process by removing deteriorated elements and breaking up existing cement steps and brickwork, saving whatever we can. We dig down four feet below grade to pour a concrete foundation below the frost line to support new steps.

We then install new bricks or stone to match existing materials as close as possible and reinstall existing railings or new railings. We also inspect the eavestrough above the porch for possible leaks. During porch repairs, it is common to build or expand planters or adjacent walkways. Upon completion of the project, we clean up and remove all debris.

Personalized Porches for All

Our staff can design and build any style of porch to meet your needs and complement your home. We provide a guarantee on labour and materials.

In the above photo, Indiana limestone on this porch gives a solid and elegant appearance to the home.

For several of our projects, we use bricks that match the house as closely as possible. This brick porch incorporates a steel-reinforced concrete floor, natural cut stone treads.

Work Examples

Masonry Walkway

Glengarry Ave. Project

This relatively new North Toronto residence was built with a beautiful front stone porch. Belvedere was contacted because the mortar and adhesives between the stonework of the sidewalks and floor were deteriorating. The stonework was literally falling off and becoming loose underfoot.

We took up all the existing stonework and individually cleaned and restored them. The deck was scraped and cleaned to the concrete deck. Bonding agents were installed in a new cement base and the stonework was re-installed with brand-new matching mortar joints.

The perimeter walls of the deck and porch were reinstalled with the help of wood forms. Finally, the site was cleaned of all debris, the support forms were removed. The natural flagstone porch leads to an impressive landing and walkway made from interlocking stone.


Duncannon Ave. Project

This Duncannon Ave. porch was literally falling apart. The walls, stairs and landing were badly deteriorated and when we dismantled it, we discovered that the stairs were sitting on the ground. After pouring proper foundations well below the frost line, our stonemason constructed a porch of Indiana limestone, a material that is long-lasting, durable and attractive. This natural flagstone porch leads to an impressive landing and walkway of interlocking stone.

Get it Set in Stone with Stonework Projects

As a complement to our masonry porches, Belvedere also specializes in stonework projects in East York. Stones are a great addition to your exterior, and are sure to strike a chord with visitors and passers-by. Our skilled stonemasons can install stones on a variety of surfaces.

We purchase all natural stone cut from quarries and river beds. Our exterior masonry work includes walls, stairs and more. All installations are covered by a 10-year guarantee on labour and material.

Although our stonework projects are generally performed on paths and driveways, it can be applied to certain interior surfaces as well. Our interior masonry work includes kitchens, bathrooms and entryways. We also specialize in stone fireplaces, masonry, and landscaping.

A Rock-Solid Solution is Just a Phone Call Away

Our masonry porch and stonework projects combine aesthetic beauty with functionality to enhance the look of your home’s exterior. For more information and a free estimate, please contact us today.